Egyptian Forces Fight Nontraditional Enemies

The role of the Egyptian security forces is not limited to military tasks and repelling potential external aggressions. They are in constant cooperation with other ministries and state institutions to help Egyptian citizens defend against visible and nonvisible adversaries, as well as contribute to the improvement of living conditions and create a safe and stable environment for the Egyptian people.

In March 2020, the Third Field Army, along with the Egyptian Air Force and local police, destroyed opium poppy and Indian cannabis plantations in the plains and mountains of Sinai, including Saint Catherine, Al Nadyah, Al Akhdar and Wadi El Sheikh.

The operation upended production on 32 acres of marijuana fields and 416 acres of poppy fields. Nearly 30 tons of marijuana were confiscated, along with 554 kilograms of marijuana seeds, 49 kilograms of poppy seeds and 479 kilograms of cannabis powder. Also discovered were nine processing plants for the manufacture of drugs, such as hashish. 

The raids occurred as President Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi, commander in chief of the Armed Forces, issued orders to curb the spread of COVID-19. The Armed Forces played a large role in disinfection campaigns in key locations such as Al-Azhar University and Cairo’s Coptic Christian Cathedral. 

In Suez and Giza, the Third Field Army sterilized railway stations, mosques, provincial government headquarters, hospitals and schools. In addition, units from the Fourth Western Corps carried out preventive sterilization operations in the cities of Matruh and Al-Nujailah.

Sources:,, Egyptian Ministry of Defense 

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