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Security through Innovation

Gen. Michael E. Kurilla, Commander, U.S. Central Command, discusses innovative efforts to maximize operations across Central Command through the employment of new technology and concepts, including artificial intelligence (AI), machine…

Virtual Violence

ISLAMIC MILITARY COUNTER TERRORISM COALITION The internet is globally decentralized, which allows for anonymity and contributes to its use as a platform for illegal activities, including property crimes and the promotion of violent…

Words Wielded Like Weapons

Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Ouda Shudeifat, media and cultural advisor,  General Command, Jordan Armed Forces-Arab Army News flows in from far and wide, accompanied by analysis, commentary, communication and dialogue. Based on the convictions,…

A Commitment to Cybersecurity

DR. HUSSEIN Allawi, ADVISOR TO THE IRAQI PRIME MINISTER ON SECURITY SECTOR REFORM Cybersecurity is a strategic priority for the government of Iraq. Iraq has established a cyber incident response team (CERT), activated a cybersecurity…


2023 Calendar

Unipath is a professional military magazine published quarterly by the Commander of the United States Central Command as an international forum for military personnel in the Middle East and South and Central Asia region. The opinions expressed in this magazine do not necessarily represent the policies or points of view of this command or any other agency of the U.S. government. Select articles are written by Unipath’s staff, with credit for other content noted as needed. The Secretary of Defense has determined that publication of this magazine is necessary for conducting public business as required of the Department of Defense by law.

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