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Averting Destruction

UNIPATH STAFF Among the many cruelties Daesh inflicted on Iraq, terrorists bombarded the town of Taza near Kirkuk in 2016 using crudely constructed artillery shells and rockets laced with mustard and chlorine gas. Of the 45,000…

Sudden Disaster

UNIPATH STAFF At 6:07 p.m. on August 4, 2020, a giant mushroom cloud formed over the Port of Beirut. The shockwave from the blast — caused by an explosion of 2,750 tons of stored ammonium nitrate — obliterated whole neighborhoods of the…

A Flying Fighting Force

BRIG. GEN. AMMAR ALYASIRI, IRAQI AIR FORCE By the second half of 2021, the Iraqi Air Force had largely taken ownership of conducting independent airstrikes on Daesh targets. In fact, we launched more strikes between June and December…

Eager Partners

Eager Lion 2022 featured a blistering conventional attack across a rolling desert landscape typical of the Middle East. Tanks, heavy artillery, attack helicopters and fighter jets swept enemy positions from the desert floor until little was…

A View From The Top

Brig. Gen. Kayed Al-Jaarat, then-director of the Jordan Armed Forces’ training and exercises directorate, played a leading role in the success of the Eager Lion 22 military exercise held in Jordan in September 2022. Unipath interviewed him…


2023 Calendar

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