Egypt Partners with Gulf Countries


Egypt conducted two separate military exercises with Arabian Gulf partners in April 2018. Khalifa 3 was a bilateral exercise held in early April with the naval and air forces of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The forces gathered at a base on Egypt’s Red Sea coast.

Egyptian military spokesman Col. Tamer El-Rifai said the goal of Khalifa 3 was to improve military relations between Egypt and the UAE by “developing the skills of commanders and officers to maintain combat efficiency and standardize operational concepts.”

Later in April, a contingent of Egyptian special forces traveled to Bahrain for the Khaled Ibn Al Waleed 2018 exercise. Through lectures and drills, Egyptian and Bahraini troops practiced counterterrorism tactics, hostage rescue and storming buildings.

As is the case with the UAE, Bahrain is increasingly coordinating military operations with Egypt to improve troop preparedness with its regional partner. Bahrain also praised Egypt for educating many of its officers at its military colleges and academies. 

“The aim of these drills is to reach the highest levels of efficiency and preparedness to face any danger that may pose a threat to the region’s security and stability,” Egypt Today noted in an article.

During the Khaled Ibn Al Waleed exercise, Bahraini Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Dhiyab bin Saqr al-Nuaimi discussed joint military cooperation with Chief of Egyptian Commandos Maj. Gen. Mustafa Shawkat.

Sources: Egypt Today, Ahram Online, Bahrain News Agency

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