Iraqi intelligence chief hosts students

Iraqi intelligence chief hosts students


On the 98th anniversary of the creation of the Iraqi Army, Director of Military Intelligence Maj. Gen. Saad Al Allaq received a delegation of students and teachers from Al-Ghad Primary School.

Maj. Gen. Saad made an inspiring speech to the students, who also used the occasion to tour the directorate’s offices and study exhibits related to the Iraqi military’s defeat of Daesh. 

“You will complete the march to protect Iraq, and your group will become officers, engineers and doctors serving Iraq and protecting its people. I wish you success and diligence,” the general said. 

The students, who wore uniforms and held military ranks, paid tribute to the director of military intelligence immediately after entering the hall in a letter confirming their love for the Iraqi Army and the directorate. Maj. Gen. Saad paid them the honor of a military salute.

The students and the teachers were briefed on a permanent exhibition of documents, weapons and equipment captured from Daesh. The students expressed their admiration for what they saw. A police officer provided an explanation of the exhibits, drawing questions from students and eliciting comments about their hatred of the terrorist gangs. 

Maj. Gen. Saad urged the students to share the lessons they learned about the evils of Daesh.

“You have seen the crimes. I urge you to tell others that these do not have a place among us because we love each other. They hate life and hate each other,” he said.

At the end of the visit, the students and teachers received gifts from the general, who embraced these sons of the next generation whom Iraq will rely upon to protect it from its enemies.