Bahrain exposes terrorist conspiracy

An investigation that began with an ATM fire led to the identification of what the Bahraini government calls 54 terrorist suspects financed and trained by Iran.

The destruction of the ATM in the city of Jad Hafs in November 2019 was one of a series of planned acts of vandalism and terror meant to destabilize Bahraini society. The suspects received support from the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

Out of the 54 suspects, 15 remained at large as of June 2020. The investigation indicated that suspects received military, financial and logistical training from the IRGC to carry out attacks in Bahrain.

Among the charges brought against the suspects by the public prosecutor’s office were obstructing the flow of public services; recruiting elements to riot, sabotage, and target police officers; raising money for terrorists; and transporting and storing explosives such as Molotov cocktails.

Like other countries in the Middle East, Bahrain is striving to reduce or eliminate Iranian malign influence that destabilizes the small island nation. Iran has specialized in using military and political proxies to extend its influence in the region, allowing Tehran to issue denials about involvement in the internal affairs of other countries.

Yemen’s Houthi movement is one such proxy force that Iran attempts to manipulate to its advantage. The result has been an extended civil war in Yemen that has killed and impoverished hundreds of thousands of Yemenis. 

Source: Akhbar Al Khaleej

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