Egyptian Forces Protect Sinai

Egyptian Forces Protect Sinai

Since terrorism appeared in Sinai, Egyptian security forces have launched a series of successful anti-terror operations.

In February 2020, Egyptian security forces repelled a terrorist attack targeting a military position in North Sinai, killing 10 militants, Egyptian Armed Forces spokesman Staff Col. Thamer Al-Rifai announced.

It was the culmination of several operations over many months against the terrorist group Wilayat Sinai, the Egyptian branch of Daesh. In the six months after September 2019, security forces killed and arrested nearly 200 terrorists. Egypt also eliminated 376 explosives that terrorists planned to use against Soldiers and civilians.

The assaults on the terrorists occurred as the Wilayat Sinai pledged allegiance to Daesh’s newly selected leader after the death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Most of Daesh’s supporters have been killed or dispersed, thanks to counterterrorism operations in Iraq and Syria.

In Egypt, the frequency and scale of terrorist operations against Egyptian military and civilian targets have decreased as a result of the military campaign launched by Egyptian security forces since February 2018, with a focus on Wilayat Sinai. However, Egyptian military forces continued to face regular small scale attacks in the Sinai, judging from social media trends.