UAE tests military interoperability


To test the readiness of its forces to meet the growing challenges in the region, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) launched the seven-day joint military exercise Emirates Shield 50 in January 2022. 

Ground, air, naval and marine forces participated in the exercise designed to test interoperability among the various branches of UAE military. Scenarios were developed to echo real-world potential threats. They required the use of live ammunition and various weapons and equipment: helicopters, fighter jets, missile and assault boats, landing craft, and armored personnel carriers.

“We are proud of the country’s achievements in the military field over 50 years in times of peace and war,” said Maj. Gen. Saleh Mohammed bin Mujren Al Ameri, commander of the joint operations.  “We bet on our military capabilities, which have become the focus of attention and appreciation of the world, thanks to the directives and unswerving follow-up by the UAE wise leadership.”

Emirates Shield 50 was noteworthy for including women in air and medical support functions. Another notable participant was the Al Fursan military aerobatics team, part of the United Arab Emirates Air Force.

“Al Fursan team with close air support carried out airborne operations on hostile targets, and helicopters demonstrated air drops with air cover provided by aircraft from the Joint Aviation Command and the Air Force,” said UAE Navy Brig. Gen. Fahd Al-Dahli.  

Established in 1967 as the naval branch of the Abu Dhabi Defense Force, the United Arab Emirates’ Navy consists of about 2,500 personnel and 22 combat vessels. Affiliated with the Navy is the battalion-strength Marines unit equipped with advanced amphibious Swedish troop transports.

The UAE ranked 36th in military strength among 140 countries, according to the Global Firepower Countries Index for 2022. 

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