The Role of Oman’s Maritime Security Center

UNIPATH STAFF  |  Photos by Combined Task Force 151

The Maritime Security Center, made up of Omani military, security and civilian agencies, keeps territorial waters safe and stable.

The center at Al-Murtafaa Garrison gets reports from those agencies and coordinates with the relevant authorities. Its specialized systems and equipment protect Omani waters 24 hours a day.

As part of its duties, the center: 

  1. Unifies efforts between the maritime security authorities.
  2. Provides the necessary capabilities and assets in terms of equipment, devices, reconnaissance aircraft, ships and boats.
  3. Develops procedures and plans to counter illegal activities and organized crime at ports, facilities and coastal areas.
  4. Upholds procedures and measures to protect and preserve fish stocks, natural resources and aquatic life.
  5. Responds to environmental and humanitarian disasters with the capabilities and assets at the disposal of the sultanate.
  6. Participates in maritime crisis and disaster management planning and prepares maritime risk scenarios.
  7. Educates citizens, residents and seafarers on the importance of security and cooperation to protect the natural maritime riches of the sultanate.
  8. Tracks and monitors ship movements in and around Omani territorial waters.
  9. Reinforces cooperation with allied and friendly nations and with regional and international organizations related to maritime security.

The center is responsible for monitoring violations in or near Omani waters. They include: 

  1. Maritime piracy.
  2. Illegal migration or infiltration.
  3. Illegal fishing and overfishing.
  4. Marine pollution.
  5. Obstruction of international shipping routes.
  6. Maritime terrorism.
  7. Tampering with and/or sabotaging offshore oil facilities.
  8. Organized crime, illegal trade and smuggling.  

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