Saudis Splinter Iranian-backed Terrorist Cell

Saudi security services announced the capture of Iranian-trained terrorists armed with guns, bombs and improvised explosive devices.

Ten extremists — three of whom received military training from the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps — were arrested in September 2020. 

A spokesman for Saudi Arabia’s Presidency of State Security said the leaders of the terrorist cell “received military and field training, including on how to make explosives, inside Revolutionary Guards sites in Iran” in late 2017.

The terrorists had stashed their arsenal in two locations: a house and a ranch. Among the weapons discovered were explosives shaped like sunglasses and other sunglasses equipped with cameras and eavesdropping devices. 

“Seized material suggests that terrorists are now employing more sophisticated tactics and techniques to supplement the prevailing traditional tactics and methods used in terrorist attacks such as firearms or explosives,” Saudi political analyst Dr. Ahmed Al-Shehri said.

“Such techniques to collect intelligence needed to attack specific targets carry the fingerprint of the IRGC [Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps] and its surrogate militia groups such as the Yemeni Houthi group.”

Iran was also the main suspect in a destructive attack on Saudi Arabia on September 14, 2019. Drones attacked a Saudi Aramco oil processing facility in eastern Saudi Arabia, causing large fires and temporarily cutting Saudi oil production capability in half.  Source:

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