Kyrgyzstan Presses Forward on Domestic Reforms

Kyrgyzstan will benefit from donations from the European Union to support governmental reform, human rights initiatives and water security.

In December 2021, the European Union approved financing worth 62 million euros as part of a four-year effort to aid Kyrgyzstan.

In terms of governance and digitalization, the focus of the money will be on promoting and improving the rule of law and digital transformation.

Human development, including improving the quality of education and promoting gender equality and human rights, is also part of the EU’s assistance for Bishkek.

The EU also stressed Kyrgyzstan’s need to integrate and share water resources within its semiarid region. Water security among Central Asian nations has been a major diplomatic issue since the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

These financial priorities were determined in consultation between Kyrgyzstan and EU member states. The priorities are also in line with the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda, the Paris Climate Agreement and the EU’s Global Gateway strategy.

“The EU has a long-standing partnership with the Kyrgyz Republic as a primary and reliable development partner,” Ambassador Eduard Auer, head of the EU delegation to Kyrgyzstan, said at the conclusion of the funding agreement in late 2021. 

“Today we celebrate a new step in our collaboration, committing to long-term support for governance, digitalization, education, green growth and other areas of mutual interest. The new multiyear program is a compelling evidence of the EU’s continued support for the Kyrgyz people.”  Sources: Vecherniy Bishkek,

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