Kuwait National Guard Joins Police Organization


The Kuwait National Guard has joined a multinational police organization that will allow it to learn from security forces around the world.

At a meeting in the Netherlands in October 2019, Kuwait achieved membership in the International Association of Gendarmeries and Police Forces With Military Status, known by the acronym FIEP.

Kuwait’s membership will allow its National Guard to exchange experiences with 19 countries, including France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Morocco, Qatar and Jordan.

Founded in 1994, FIEP is an association of gendarmeries and police forces with military status originally from European countries on the Mediterranean seaboard.

Its objective is to broaden and strengthen relationships and promote innovative police cooperation to manage crises and defeat criminals, smugglers and terrorists.

The Kuwait National Guard’s 2020 Strategic Plan stresses ways to improve performance. It aims to achieve that through better recruiting, acquiring newer equipment, highlighting professionalism in crisis management, and adhering more effectively to international human rights conventions.

Kuwait applied for membership in FIEP in 2014.  

Sources: FIEP, Kuwait National Guard

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