Jordan Increases Female Military Recruitment


In April 2022, the Military Women’s Training Center in Jordan celebrated the graduation of Class No. 1/2022 for female commissioned and noncommissioned officers. Graduates would join special security units. 

The six-week course included physical fitness, first aid, marksmanship, martial skills, close quarters combat, and mountaineering skills for missions in rough terrain. 

“The armed forces seek to enable military women and refine their military skills by holding specialized courses to bring them to a high degree of professionalism so they can carry out their duties with efficiency and competence,” Lt. Col. Salman al-Akalik, commander of the women’s training center, said in a speech at graduation.

Starting in the 1950s, the late King Hussein bin Talal encouraged women to participate in the military given his firm belief in the principle of equality of opportunity among men and women.

Nevertheless, the percentage of women serving in the Jordanian Armed Forces/Arab Army remained low until the establishment of the Princess Muna College of Nursing in 1962, from which the first batch of female cadets graduated in 1965 with the rank of second lieutenant. 

Women’s participation has continued to grow, accelerated by Jordan’s establishment of the Directorate of Women’s Military Affairs in 1995. This directorate was entrusted with the responsibilities of all women’s affairs in the Armed Forces. It examines the military laws applicable to women and makes necessary amendments, develops teaching methods and training programs, encourages and motivates new recruits, and provides them with opportunities to affiliate with military branches previously restricted to men.

Sources: Jordan Armed Forces/Arab Army

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