Jordan Enhances Civil-Military Interoperability


As part of the continued cooperation between security forces and civil institutions in Jordan, the Public Security Directorate and the University of Jordan signed an agreement in January 2021 to protect the environment, sustain agriculture and support tourism. 

The signing ceremony was attended by Assistant Director of Public Security for Administration and Logistical Support Brig. Gen. Dr. Mutasim Abu Shatal, University of Jordan President Dr. Abdel-Karim Al-Qudah, Director of the Royal Department for Environmental Protection and Tourism Brig. Gen. Nahed Al-Muqaddah, many public security officers and the university staff and faculty.

The Public Security Directorate seeks to expand cooperation with all governmental and private institutions to implement projects and promote entrepreneurship, Brig. Gen. Abu Shatal said. He commended the role of the University of Jordan in preparing skilled and qualified graduates to work for state and private institutions.  

The university values the consultation provided by Public Security Directorate officials about the environment, agriculture and tourism, Dr. Al-Qudah said. The new agreement provides for seminars, conferences and workshops between the two institutions. Together they plan to develop projects in the fields of energy, water conservation, antiquities and agriculture to present to investors and donors.

Aside from the Public Security Directorate, the Jordan Armed Forces/Arab Army has several entities whose core responsibility is working with civil institutions such as the Crisis Management Center. Such civilian-military cooperation allows Soldiers to provide aid during natural disasters, public health emergencies and civil unrest.  Source: Jordanian Public Security Directorate 

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