Bahrain Drills with Saudi Arabia

To raise combat readiness to preempt potential terrorist attacks, the Saudi and Bahraini forces jointly launched two naval exercises: Bridge-20 and Waves-4.

The drills occurred at King Abdulaziz Naval Base, southeast of Jubail, Saudi Arabia, in October 2019. 

Bridge-20 and Waves-4 came at a time of tension in the region due to attacks on Saudi Aramco oil facilities in Saudi Arabia and ships in the Arabian Gulf and Gulf of Oman. In each case, Iran was a prime suspect.

The two combined exercises aimed to increase the readiness of the two countries’ forces to counter terrorist attacks that target oil installations, protect territorial waters in the Arabian Gulf, enhance cooperation and exchange expertise between the Saudis and Bahrainis.

Participants included units from the Saudi Royal Air Force, the Saudi Royal Navy’s Eastern Fleet, the Royal Saudi Air Defense Force and the Bahraini Royal Navy. 

Sources: Asharq Al-Awsat,

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