Kazakhstan Releases COVID-19 Vaccine


To reduce its reliance on countries such as Russia, Kazakhstan became one of the few countries in the world to develop its own COVID-19 vaccine.

Kazakh Health Minister Aleksei Tsoi received the first injection of the QazVac immunization in April 2021. Tens of thousands of other doses were then distributed to Kazakh citizens. 

QazVac was financed by Kazakhstan’s government at the Research Institute for Biological Safety Problems. The vaccine — in the third stage of clinical trials when released to the public — requires two doses three weeks apart.  

People quickly lined up to receive QazVac at inoculation centers in locations such as the MEGA mall, one of the main shopping centers in Almaty, the country’s largest city. 

Kazakhstan viewed QazVac as a way to diversify its vaccine supply and refrain from reliance on Russian and Chinese formulas. Russia had been the main source of immunizations. Kazakh officials said demand for the vaccine might require moving some production to Turkey.  Sources: Reuters, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

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